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You can get too serious really quickly. Boyd: That's been a huge part of my life growing up. I didn't have television reception or cable growing up, we just had movies,. Einziger: He had like the most impressive collection of VHS cassettes you've ever seen. And his dad would roll around with one of those video cameras that was like the size of a car.

Einziger: This was way before that super-cool TV show revival thing started happening.

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I haven't seen it, but I heard it's good. Boyd: Last thing on getting music out there. Then there's this idea that you kind of have to please this artificially intelligent algorithm and god forbid your song is experimental and doesn't actually have any of the things that algorithm is looking for. Then you're screwed. You don't have like a, "Hey-o," or whatever that thing is that people want today laughs.

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Einziger: Give the people what they want. Why would you not give the people what they want? Actually people want everything these days. Kids these days, they want everything. Baltin: But how do you balance that mystique with the fact kids want it all. I remember one time I saw a hopefully fake Robert Plant account on Facebook and I remember thinking that would be so sad if Robert Plant was on Facebook playing Farmville at the time.

Boyd: Aren't you supposed to be out there shepherding falcons, sword practicing, all things I want to do. Robert Plant is my spirit animal. It's my idea of Robert Plant. He probably is playing Words With Friends now.

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Baltin: I have spoken to him a few times and he was going to raves in Hong Kong and stuff. I think it's close to what you imagine it to be. Boyd: What I'm saying is I want to be a falconer and sit in hot springs and raise sheep just as friends we all bust up. I'm not kidding though. Einziger: So I have twin girls and on their first birthday we had a spirit animal reader come and we had all these kids come Einziger: Yeah, we did.

There were all these little boys that came to the party and the spirit animal reader said I'm gonna give you your spirit animal and all the boys were all excited. I think they were from the ages of four to eight. One kid was like a hawk, the other kid was like a tiger and they were all stoked. Then they got to the last one and he was a salmon and he was so bummed about being a salmon. I was actually like a salmon is kind of amazing cause they gotta swim upstream. So the whole point I was making is my spirit animal is a salmon. But it's really hard.

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I still struggle with that idea of privacy. I feel like that is a word that is swiftly on its way out of the general vernacular. But I enjoy it, I really do enjoy it. It's balance I am looking for.

I understand we need some realm of accessibility being that we have kind of a public job. But we did grow up in an era where mystique that was something that was kind of naturally occurring. And those were the coolest artists, the ones you didn't know that much about. Einziger: There was a concert in the Philippines that was being protested.

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We've been protested several times, Oklahoma, a couple of places in the south because of our demonistic music, which is hilarious. It's funny. Baltin: I miss those old protestors though, back when I would go to metal shows in the '80s at the Long Beach Arena and you had all these people with their signs saying you're going to hell. Like when you would see Iron Maiden. Einziger: I wish I saw Iron Maiden back then. That's one thing we didn't get to do, cause we were all huge Iron Maiden fans back in the late '80s, early '90s. Baltin: I remember seeing them back in the day and Eddie coming into the audience, which is an amazing thing when you're a kid.

Einziger: One of our longtime production team members used to work with Iron Maiden and we asked if we could borrow Eddie. Boyd: We do it every two years and they said no every time. Right around every two years we ask Iron Maiden if we can take their Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son tour production out, cause it's just sitting there in storage, and they say no. We're gonna ask. It's like the woman you love and you profess your love to. Chesney's impressive numbers dethrone the previous holder of the year's biggest first week, Twista.

His Kamikaze will slip down to 3, having sold more than , copies for a two-week total that falls about 14, copies shy of half a million. Last week's sales of more than , copies more than doubled those of the previous week.

Incubus Greatest Hits Collection - Best Of Incubus Full Album Collection

Followed by the chart debut of cocktail-hour crooner Harry Connick Jr. The remainder of the top The Very Best of Sheryl Crow, moving down five spots to 8 while selling 5, more copies than the previous week; Toby Keith's Shock'n Y'all, slipping two places to 9, with more than 80, copies sold; and Ruben Studdard's Soulful falling five spots to 10 68, Three newly released albums will crack next week's top