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Biomechanics of Feeding in Vertebrates (Advances in Comparative and Environmental Physiology)

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Ricerca avanzata. Scegli il punto di consegna e ritira quando vuoi Scopri come. Although feeding is not yet been thoroughly studied in many vertebrates taxa, and different conceptual and methodological approaches of the concerned scientists make a synthesis difficult, the aim of the editors is to provide a comprehensive overview of the feeding design in aquatic and terrestrial vertebrates with a detailed description of its functional properties.

The book emphasizes the constant interaction between function and form, behaviour and morphology in the course of evolution of the feeding apparatus and way of feeding both complementary and basically related to survival interspecific competition, adaptation to environmental changes and adaptive radiations.

Professor, Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy. Melina Hale, Ph.

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Callum Ross, Ph. Mark Westneat, Ph. Current areas of research We work broadly on questions surrounding the evolution of vertebrate neural and musculoskeletal systems.

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These include the following: Finite-element modeling, in vivo bone strain analysis and theoretical modeling of: the role of sutures in alligator mandible growth and function; the skulls of lizards and primates during feeding. Cortical control of feeding behavior in mammals. The evolution of rhythmicity in vertebrate locomotion and feeding.

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Morphometrics and computational modeling of vertebrate skulls. Evolutionary biomechanics of feeding and locomotor systems in coral reef fishes. Depending on your interests, applications for admission can be made to any of the following: Organismal Biology and Anatomy Committee on Evolutionary Biology Computational Neuroscience Second year students may be eligible for funding in the Moto-Igert Training Program.