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Todd James , aged 27, entered the house on day 1 and was evicted on day He is the first male to ever be evicted from the Big Brother house. He returned as a roving reporter on Big Brother Australia Since then, James became a father, worked as a radio breakfast host and music producer, and now runs a bathroom renovation business.

Project Blue Book: Episode Recap - "The Washington Merry-Go-Round" (Season 1, Episode 10) - History

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Sunday Mail Adelaide. Adelaide Now News Corp. Archived from the original on 12 October National Nine News.

Archived from the original on 18 September Retrieved 22 September Archived from the original on 16 September Retrieved 21 September The Herald Sun. The white and minimal viewing room leads into the warm, neutral palette and raw, industrial style of the kitchen and dining areas, then comes the dark, inky blue of the living room, which is furnished with antiques and quirkier pieces.

Unsurprisingly, Hickman lets the art set the tone in each space. She enjoys living with the art and re-hanging it regularly, and the couple relish the buzz at their private view evenings, where good friends mingle with clients, and the party often goes on beyond its appointed hour. Her roster of artists and her interiors style share many similarities: both are diverse, mixing old and new, with an emphasis on narrative and a dash of the macabre. As a child I collected dead beetles and butterflies and I still find beauty in taxidermy. Now Hickman is planning the next phase in bo.

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For more information, go to bo-lee. He liked the chemistry between the two characters so much that he just never stopped. Cregg, Sorkin and company found themselves with two talented actresses in mind for the part: Allison Janney was a major contender thanks to her performance in the political comedy Primary Colors , but CCH Pounder—fresh off an Emmy-nominated three-season run on ER —was also up for the role.

Janney later remarked that she suspected a big reason she won the role was a major pratfall she took in Primary Colors , because one of the first things we see C.


Janney went on to win four Primetime Emmy Awards, including three consecutive wins, for her work as C. When it came time to cast the brilliant but grumpy Communications Director, Toby Ziegler, Sorkin and company again found themselves down to two great actors. One was Richard Schiff, who eventually won the role, and the other was Eugene Levy, best known for his comedy work in films like Best In Show. After reading the script, Sheen agreed to take the part. If the show is about all the planets, let's end it with the sun. After the pilot convinced Sorkin, Schlamme, and company that President Bartlet should be a main cast member rather than occasional guest star, Sheen went back to the table to renegotiate his contract for an increased number of appearances on The West Wing.

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When he did, he offered up a couple of conditions that proved to be key contributions to the Jed Bartlet character. Aaron agreed to both of them and they became a staple of the character. As The West Wing came together and Sorkin began delivering scripts, the design of the show's visuals fell to Schlamme, who quickly realized he had to find new ways of making a bunch of scenes that were essentially people have high-stakes meetings into something that would look dynamic and exciting on a TV screen. The walk-and-talks required tremendous precision on the part of camera operators and cast members, who all had to make sure they remained in frame even as they tried to keep their movements through the halls as natural as possible.

While this created various issues like falling cameramen and loads of cast bloopers, the actors still found it rewarding. Even then, after his film writing and time in the theater, Sorkin was famous for the rhythm and pacing of his dialogue. He did everything in his power not to jump down your throat! I need just the right disease. Sorkin picked multiple sclerosis and moved forward with the episode, only to find that the next time he faced questions from the Television Critics Association, everyone wanted to know when the MS storyline would come up again. So, Sorkin had to figure out what happened next.

According to Janney, that was one of the pieces of the show pulled from real life on the set. Over the course of its first season, The West Wing continued to garner critical acclaim and an ever-growing audience that would ultimately make it one of the most talked-about and celebrated shows of its era. So, where did Mandy go?

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After three seasons of award-winning success, change began to come to The West Wing in a form even bigger than a cast member leaving unceremoniously after just one season. Midway through season 4, Rob Lowe—who, when the show began, had been a key selling point of the series for both audiences and network executives—announced that he would leave The West Wing behind. After Lowe announced he was leaving, Sorkin and Schlamme also announced that the fourth season would be their last, leaving The West Wing without its creative driving force.

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  4. Either the show is going to be great without you and you're going to be miserable, or the show is going to be less than great without you and you're going to be miserable. It felt like I was watching somebody make out with my girlfriend. Except for that 15 seconds, I've followed Larry's advice. I've never seen a West Wing episode in seasons five, six or seven. One of the reasons for this was the sense that the show needed a new driving force, and found it in season 6 in the form of a campaign to find the man who would succeed Bartlet as President at the end of his second term.

    The show ultimately set the stage for a showdown between an idealistic liberal with a minority background from the Democratic Party and an older, maverick conservative from the Republican Party.