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What do you add and what do you hide from the flow of images and information? Daily we read about increasing depression, burnouts and stress. We live in a fast changing society, ever more digitized with growing narcissism, hyper sensitivity and increasing fear for the unknown.

The bar is raised and this pressure leads to philosophical questions. A guideline unfolds through paintings, sculptures and light boxes, where we will encounter ancient symbols and classical acts. What is 15 minutes? At the same time it refers to a medical state of normal mental health. It was not an easy task as there were no seniors to rely on and everything we planned was from scratch.

However, with the help of teachers and friends, we pulled through together. What I most fondly remember would be the campfire when everyone came together as one, which also marked the start of our two-year long journey together as the pioneer batch of Eunoians.

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Nicolette Tan A3. The planning stage was certainly unforgettable. Even though we had the entire month to plan, we lacked logistics and old proposals for reference. The difficulty was compounded by the fact that we were largely strangers. Yet, the team came together and made the effort to bond, even outside of work. Jeff Chin U1. My proudest moment as a Student Councillor was organising Eunite. It was heartwarming to see the commitment and enthusiasm of many J2s who joined in to ensure the J1s bonded together and had as much fun as they had.

This unity in a common cause was very special for me. The legacy I hope to leave is that special feeling of togetherness and family which I hope will be the hallmark of Eunoia. Celine Lee E2. The fondest memory for me as a pioneering Student Councillor was to see and to know that Eunoians take pride in what they do and in who they are, in their various competitions and the support we give each other. It shows just how much we are capable of even though we are only in our second year! Nicholas Koh E2. My experience in Student Council has been a string of ineffably precious moments. One of the defining moments was during Council Camp, when the whole council hiked up to the peak just as the sun emerged.

That moment reminds me of the exhaustion and camaraderie that we experienced as we trekked to the end together, as well as our incredible friendships in council. I hope to leave behind beautiful memories and experiences. To me, they form a vital part of JC life and shape our character and values.

Georgia Yew O1.

Beautiful thinking - Eunoia

My fondest memory will be the day when we presented the first batch of students their collar pins and they pinned it on. It was a short event but it was certainly a proud moment for everyone. The students wearing their full uniform with collar pin makes the school complete. It was a bright beginning of a new journey for Eunoia Junior College. Mr Felix Lim. Our first cohort was inducted into the college on 20 Feb Without seniors, our Eunoians pinned the badge on for their classmates as a promise of friendship and beautiful thinking.

We were called together by Mr Jonathan Lee to help kickstart the band and prepare a performance for Open House It was really fun preparing for the performance with new friends and the overwhelming support at Open House was truly unforgettable! Despite all the trials and tribulations we faced, seeing the smiles and looks of gratification on the faces of the dancers and the audience made all the hard work worthwhile, and it is something that I am definitely proud of.

Ng Jiaqi A3 , Dance President.

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Although it was not always easy, it has been a rewarding journey for all of us. We have never lacked support from the CAC, teachers, staff, fellow parents and Eunoians. Together, we have created numerous miracles since the first day of school. The joyous smiles of the Eunoians are the greatest motivation for the committee to continue our service towards bringing the school to greater heights.

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Mr Wong Liang Tang. Creating happy memories for the students is one of the most rewarding parts of being in Parents Eunoia. Seeing the students participate in our events and hearing their words of appreciation warms my heart and makes me feel affirmed.

I truly feel very privileged and honoured to have the opportunity to brighten school life at EJC. Mrs Carol Wee. Eunoia is filled with too many fond memories to recount. I am ecstatic that the school has given her so many opportunities to hone her leadership skills, to showcase her musical skills and to develop her interpersonal skills to work amongst her peers. One of my fondest recollections is when she was asked to sing the school song when it was formally launched to the parents and public.

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When she wanted to form a Netball team for CCA, the school encouraged and supported her initiative, which made the moment a milestone in her young life. I am forever thankful to each and every individual in the school who has played a part in growing my little girl into a confident, enthusiastic, thoughtful and vibrant young lady. Mr Samat Jaimon. One of my fondest memories as a pioneering student in EJ was the Glide Programme. As a Glider, I was provided with numerous opportunities to grow and to contribute. Beyond enabling me to see the world from different perspectives and empathise with different people, the programme has also empowered me to champion a social cause together with my team.

I have also discovered many aspects of myself, including my personality, work ethics, life priorities, and even a newly inspired interest in politics! Brenda Hnin Azali A4. My proudest moment came at Euphoria. Despite having only 1. I believe that it was in the thick of things that I have seen these student leaders at their brightest and sharpest, and I could not have been prouder of them. Neither could I have asked for a better team. The fondest memory I have as a pioneering teacher is actually the cumulative experience of teaching the first cohort of History students. Never have I seen such ready eagerness in an entire cohort to learn - we rarely have students dozing off in lectures, and their positive attitudes and love for the subject made teaching them such an indescribably joyful experience for the team.

Ms Rachel Teo. Organised by the first Student Council, Euphoria was a full-day race around Singapore that culminated in a beach party at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa. The house identities, including the colours, mascots and values were first conceived by student volunteers in the Orientation organising committee. The house crests and t-shirts were designed by Kay Yeung I2.

The vibrant house culture, backed by a packed calendar of house competitions and celebrations, make each house a home for all Eunoians. Photo Jayden Sim. My proudest moment is simply when I see people having fun in school or a mention of how they enjoyed certain school or house events. It reassures me that all our effort from the beginning has not been for naught.

I hope Eunoia will become a second home for future batches, just like it has been for me.