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Richmond and Yamamoto's Federal Tax Research: Guide to Materials and Techniques, 10th

B57 Boris I. Bittker, et al. Federal Income Taxation of Individuals. B58 Douglas A. New York: Foundation Press.

K34 Marvin A. New York: Foundation Press, C43 Daniel Q.

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P67 Boris I. Bittker, James S. Eustice, Federal income taxation of corporations and shareholders. B5 William S. McKee, William F. Three stages are used for tax; all three kinds of regulations are officially published in the Federal Register :.

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Temporary Regulations are effective immediately. They are often issued after new IRC sections become law to guide taxpayers more quickly, before the IRS goes through the comment and revision process.

FAVORITE BOOK Federal Tax Research: Guide to Materials and Techniques (University Treatise Series)

A temporary regulation can remain in effect for up to 3 years. Temporary regulations are usually issued simultaneously as Proposed Regulations. Final Regulations are accompanied by a preamble containing analysis and a summary of comments and changes that provide important background and history for interpretation. After the mandatory comment period, the final regulation, almost always an amended version of the proposed regulation, is adopted as a Treasury Decision T.

The T. The tax databases and looseleaf services note proposed and temporary changes along with current regulations, making it easy to keep up to date. Most important, when there is a change in the Code, the prior regulations for that section may become obsolete and inconsistent with the current Code provisions. The process to write and adopt revised regulations takes a considerable amount of time. The tax databases do a very good job of alerting the researcher to these inconsistencies with "Caution" notations.

If you identify a regulation in some other source, check that it is consistent with the current code provision before relying on it.

Federal Tax | Duke University School of Law

All stages of activity for regulations are also tracked in the Federal Register. As evidence of their significance, the IRS also provides advance notice of some administrative materials, even before publication in the IRB and the Federal Register. See Advance Notice for Tax Professionals. Administrative documents and pronouncements included in the IRB can also be retrieved as individual documents in the tax databases; Lexis Advance and Westlaw also provide access.

Scope of Guide & Advisory Note

Following are descriptions of the most important IRS documents and where to locate them. Although not as authoritative as regulations, these materials provide important additional guidance on what taxpayers can expect the IRS to do. Revenue Rulings are pronouncements about particular factual situations which taxpayers have presented to the IRS, and which the Service determines to be of general interest. They provide analysis of a transaction and relevant Code provisions. Although they do not have the weight of regulations, they can be relied upon by a taxpayer in a similar situation.