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If one is doubtful as to the num- ber of rounds performed, one must assume the least number of rounds, and then complete the seven rounds. He jogged three rounds and walked the remaining four. A short break in between the two, however, may be made. A longer interval because of a genuine excuse will also do no harm and is permissible. Similarly there is no harm if one performs tawaf in parts and with long intervals in between, and even if it is done without any genu- ine reason.

Such a person may continue the remaining rounds and complete his tawaf. Then he resumed his Tawaf from where he had left it. He interrupted his tawaf and of- fered the prayers with the congregation. Then he resumed his tawaf from where he had left it. Sunnah of Tawaf: It is Sunnah to perform certain acts in tawaf as given below: 1. I know that you are a mere stone, and if I had not seen my beloved Prophet peace be upon him kiss- ing you and touching you I would have never done so.

This was reported by Ahmad and others in slightly different words. If I had not seen the Prophet peace be upon him kissing you, I would have never kissed you. Indeed Allah has preferred some stones over others, as He preferred some countries and cit- ies, days and nights, and months over others. The underlying spirit of all this is unquestioning submission to Allah. In other words whosoever touches the Black Stone he pledges allegiance to Allah, as it were, by giving his hand into the hand of Allah, just as some followers do pledge their fe- alty to their kings and masters, by kissing and shaking hands with them.

The commandment to kiss the Black Stone is meant to test and. It may be compared with the command to Iblis to bow to Adam. Crowding at the Black Stone: There is no harm in crowding around the Black Stone so long as no harm is caused to other people. You are a strong man. Do not crowd oth- ers around the Black Stone. You may hurt a weak per- son.

But if you find an opportunity to reach it in order to kiss it or touch it, do it. Malik is of the opinion, however, that doing so is not commended.

Fiqh us-Sunnah Volume 5 : Hajj and 'Umrah (Deluxe U.S. Edition)As-Sayyid Sabiq

There is consensus that it is un- desirable in the tawaf prayer salatul tawaf. Muslim and Ahmad If a per- son does not jog in the first three rounds, then he is not required to make it up in the last four rounds. Women are not obligated to jog or uncover their right shoulder, because they must properly cover themselves. Wisdom Behind Ramal: What is the wisdom behind ramal?

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They are stronger and sturdier than us! But he decided, however, to leave it in its original form so that the future generations of Muslims could share a form and a feeling similar to that observed.

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Why uncover our shoulders in tawaf? Allah has made Islam strong and powerful, and banished disbelief and the disbelievers, yet we shall never abandon what we used to do in the time of the Prophet peace be upon him. The Black Stone is distinguished by two things: 1.

The Yemeni corner is directly opposite to it and, like the Black Stone, it is also laid on the foundations raised by Ibrahim. I think that the Prophet peace be upon him never failed to touch them while making a tawaf. These two, however, are not at the foundations of the House, and the people circumambulate around the Hijr because of that.

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Jabir reported that. One may pray in the Sacred Mosque any time during the day or night. Passing in Front of Worshippers in the Sacred Mosque: It is permissible to offer prayer in the Sacred Mosque while the people, male and female, pass in front of the worshipper. There is no harm in it, and it is one of the special characteristics of the Sacred Mosque.

Prophet peace be upon him performed tawaf along with other men?


Shall we touch the Black Stone and kiss it? Women may touch and kiss the Black Stone when there is an op- portunity and no men are around. Making a Tawaf while Riding: A person may, even if he is able to walk, perform tawaf while rid- ing, provided there is a valid reason for doing so.

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Do not harm others. Why do you not stay in your home? You may now go and perform tawaf. It is food for the hungry, and a healing for the sick. Etiquette of Drinking Zamzam Water: A person drinking Zamzam water should intend and hope for healing, blessings and whatever is best for him in this life and in the hereafter. Ibn Abi Al-Mawali told us on the authority of Mohammad.

Fiqh-us-Sunnah Volume 005, Hajj and 'Umrah, Fiqh 5.019.

If you drink it seeking healing, Allah will give you healing. If you drink it to satisfy your hun- ger, Allah will satisfy your hunger. If you drink it to quench your thirst, Allah will quench your thirst. Grant me beneficial knowledge, bountiful provision, and a healing from every disease. Help me, if you can. He either dug it with his heel or touched it the ground with his wing and a spring of water ap- peared. Hajar encircled the water with soil. She took some water in a container she had, and water kept bub- bling up unchecked. Zamzam would have turned into a clearflowing spring. Allah never permits His servant to be lost.

At the site of the House was a hill that was split by flood waters running down its right and left. After drinking the water of Zamzam, it is recom- mended that one should make special supplications at Al- Multazam. Makkah at that time was a place where there was neither water nor any dweller. He left a bag of dates and a con- tainer of water for them. Then Ibrahim peace be upon him turned to go away. Where are you going? And who are you leaving us to in this valley without a companion or a thing?

The Fiqh of Qurban

I have made of my offspring to dwell in a valley without cultivation by your Sacred House; in order. Our Lord, that they may establish regular prayer: so fill the hearts of some among men with love towards them, and feed them with fruits, so that they may give thanks! She drank from her water container hanging nearby, and nursed her baby, until all the water she had was gone, her milk dried out.

Her son grew hungrier and hungrier. She could hardly bear to look at him. She went and stood at Safa - the hill nearest to her. She looked down the valley to see if there was someone around to help.

She could see no one.