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I was surprised when Anita first started to create a male harem for herself because I simply wasn't used to stories with multiple partners. I did get used to it and I even came to like her harem, but as the story progressed, her harem continued to expand and now it simply refuses to end! In each new book, we have less action and more and more pointless sex! There is less and less mystery, there is hardly a plot and there is almost no suspense! I liked her much better at the beginning of the series, when she wasn't a power hungry bitch or the most powerful creature in the entire world.

Honestly, these days, I know what happens at the end of each new book before reading it. A very powerful villain will appear that everybody fears, the world might actually come to an end, but no worries, we have Anita! Other characters are just lurking around to provide her with sex. If this is feminism, I don't get it. Anita wants to a be a strong, level-headed and unique woman but she comes out as an annoying bitch who doesn't appreciate being a woman and actually wants to be a boy and belittles other females.

When she wants to describe herself, she claims to be one of the boys! I really really hate this in a female character that's supposed to be strong. In my opinion, this is not a strong woman but a whiny sexist woman who has identity problems! I said it! And the way she acts like she loves all the men in her harem I don't think she really loves any of them anymore. Maybe she did at the beginning but not anymore. You don't love your boyfriend or girlfriend as much as you used to, when you get a second one Now, I do understand that Anita needs a harem because Jean-Claude is from the house of lust and they need to feed this lust to gain strength, but enough is enough.

Oh, and there isn't a single man in the story who isn't in love with her or who isn't dying to sleep with her! Last but not least, most of the powerful male characters are actually really good people, while most of the powerful female characters are evil monsters, all with the exception of Anita.

This series is still unfinished and at this point, that doesn't really matter to me anymore but to be honest, I may continue to read it despite all my nagging and complaining simply because I really really liked this damn series at the beginning! I have given these books high ratings since I enjoyed reading them in a certain period of time that I had nothing else to keep me distracted from life.

I am simply trying to remain loyal to those memories.

View all 12 comments. Mar 28, Foxy rated it liked it. I never really had any intention of reading this series, but a close friend of mine insisted that I buy the first novel when we were roaming the shelves at Barnes and Noble. Yes, the book grabbed my attention, but I'll painfully admit it was because of the subject matter rather than anything truly engaging that the author wrote. The truth is I don't really care for Anita Blake's character.

Anything she takes any time in describing is pure agony reading. Her continuous lectures on guns is annoyin I never really had any intention of reading this series, but a close friend of mine insisted that I buy the first novel when we were roaming the shelves at Barnes and Noble. Her continuous lectures on guns is annoying, and it leaves one asking, "Who cares? It seems like every novel, after Book One, repeats what has happened in every other book. While I realize it serves the purpose that anyone can pick up any of her books and be brought up to date with the plotline, it demeans the fans she's accumulated.

They know what happened in previous novels, and they know who her main characters are. And, for goodness sake, they know what kind of weapons she uses. So, why the tidious repetition?

The only character that holds any interest for me is her would-be vampire lover, Jean-Claude. His interests in Anita, a vampire slayer, and his slow seduction of her is far more interesting than Anita herself. Jean-Claude is what made me read the first three novels of the series. I bought Books One through Six, so I'll read the rest, because of him, as well.

I'm undecided if I will continue the series at that point. Of course, this is supposed to judge Book One on its own accord, and with that being said, it isn't horrible, because you don't get the sense of repetition, though you do still have to endure her descriptions.

It's a quick read if you just want to waste time, but I forewarn you, you're not going to get a lot out of it. View 2 comments. Jul 17, Wanda rated it liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy , fantasy , public-library , vampires , female-authors , read-in I liked this one and will probably read on, at least for another book or two, in the series.

These are old-school vampires, susceptible to both crosses and holy water, something fairly uncommon in current urban fantasy. Anita knows that she is opposing evil, not just being prejudiced against a new segment of society.

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There was also, I thought, a nod to Anne Rice's vampires, specifically Claudia. The biggest, baddest vamp in Anita's town is actually a year old little girl! I think it may be a matter of kickass attitude, but Jane is much more comfortable working for and around the undead than Anita. Anita needs a woman friend right away!!

She can't continue to lean on the psychopathic Edward although I must admit that he has a treasure-trove of weapons, making him a handy kind of guy to know. If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy. Anita also has an unexplained talent for resisting vampire glamour which I will be interested to learn more about.

Plus its pretty obvious that Anita is riding for a fall when she declares, "I don't date vampires, I kill them. View all 4 comments. Jan 06, Kayleigh rated it did not like it Shelves: thriller , dec , contemporary , whodunit , crime-mystery , urban-fantasy , fantasy , scifi-and-fantasy-bookshelf , vampires , shape-shifters. I present to you, a haiku about Guilty Pleasures: No no no no no. What the fuck did I just read? My brain is melting. Thank you. Mar 08, pinkgal rated it it was ok Shelves: alternate-futures.

I'd made the mistake of picking up one of Laurell K. Hamilton's later Anita Blake books and reading it first. I had to stop halfway because to be frank, it sucked. It really, really sucked.

Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Book 1) by Laurell K. Hamilton | eBay

I couldn't believe people were paying money for that garbage. But many of my friends insisted that the first few books of the series were actually pretty good and not quite so wlsh fulfillment-esque.

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So I read the first book. In fact, it was a much better scale than her later books. Bu Well. But I still couldn't like it. As long as one doesn't try to cross to the other.

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures v. 1

That's actually a bit interesting. A bit.

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Vampire fiction is overdone and often overwrought. I think the times of Buffy and Anne Rice are over; I just couldn't bring myself to care in the least bit about the characters, not even the enigmatic Jean-Claude. And the less said of Anita, perhaps the better. I've skimmed the later books to get a feel of where Hamilton is going with Blake's character and it's not good. Not good at all. It was disappointing because so many people adore the series and I totally though I'd love it.