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Woman sentenced for murdering boyfriend amid feud with alien cult - Insider

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However, as David's car was found close to the number 18 mile marker on Highway 80, investigators think it may have been a coded distress signal. Bloodhounds tracked David's scent back to Highway However, they stopped at a highway intersection with Interstate 10, which was thirteen miles north of where his car was found.

While looking through items in his car, his parents found a strange business card in a pocketbook Bible. It belonged to a man named Tony Ballesteros. Ballesteros was interrogated by police, but claims he never met David.

Only in Death

Ballesteros was camping with friends, and it was likely the business card fell out of his pocket onto the ground, and was claimed by David while he briefly crossed through the campground on his excursion. Six knives in Rob's room. Yous buys your tea and yous take your chances Halloween. Halloween just happened to be the day that David vanished.

Murder in the New Age

To this day, nobody knows what happened to him or why he acted so strangely before he disappeared. This was the two-year anniversary of David's disappearance. Although not mentioned in the segment, David was traveling from his San Diego home to El Paso, Texas to be the best man in his friend's wedding when he vanished. Results: Unresolved. This is the same area where he left behind several clues before he vanished.

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Medical records confirmed his identity. Although police have been unable to determine when, how, or why he died, there was no evidence of foul play in his death. According to the medical examiner, there was no apparent trauma to his remains. While some still believe that David met with foul play, police have chalked up his death to dehydration and prolonged exposure to the outdoors, a.

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Sadly, David's father passed away in Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Case Edit Details: David Stone was a twenty-nine-year-old successful stock market analyst from La Jolla, California, who was deep into the New Age movement as he sought spiritual guidance. David's route after leaving his car It was discovered that David had left several mysterious clues after he vanished.