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The lengths of visits range from one day to a few days, a week, several weeks, several months, a year, and even two years. We are grateful to all scholars who have brought us the joy of their presence, shared with us the thrill of their own research, and made us the beneficiaries of their pertinent conclusions. It is a rewarding privilege for us to welcome all of you. We retain very fond memories of your stays, short or long, among us. Your visits confirm and validate the significance, usefulness, and richness of our resources.

They also keep reenergizing us, for visitors are a permanent reminder of how much the work we are doing, the labor and daily grind, is worth all the effort we put into it. Many doctoral dissertations, and a few MA theses, were born or furthered in the Peirce Project. Quite a few books, whether of innovative scholarship or of translation, got decisively improved or received a definite impulse toward completion in our premisses.

Read The Continuity Of Peirces Thought Vanderbilt Library Of American Philosophy

Please keep in touch with us, let us know how you are doing, and do encourage others to follow the same path that took you to Indianapolis. The Indianapolis Peirce Seminar was created in the fall of The purpose of the seminar is to enable visiting scholars, from budding to well established, to present their work to a specialized audience that has a strong interest in the work of Charles S. We list below, in reverse chronological order, the 62 presentations that have so far been made in this special venue. NB: These aphorisms should not be confused with exact quotations; however, their editing never distorts the essential purport of what Peirce meant to convey.

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Toggle navigation Peirce Edition Project. Click on the image to read Dr. Incidental visits The Project welcomes incidental visitors who happen to come through the city, on the simple condition of sending us an email announcing your planned short visit, explaining its purpose, and inquiring about the appropriate time to drop by if there is no inconvenience or calendar conflict. Research visits Neither the Peirce Project nor the Institute for American Thought can provide any sort of funding or financial assistance to researchers.

Short-term visits Short-term visits last no more than six weeks. Long-term visits Long-term visitors more than six weeks write instead directly to Professor Marianne Wokeck, the Director of the Institute for American Thought of which the Peirce Project is a unit. Your email should include the following information: The text of the email should act as a cover letter in which you introduce yourself, outline briefly your research plan, indicate to what extent our resources would be useful for the fulfillment of your research goals, what would be the timeframe of your stay this is important because we have a number of visitors and need to make sure we have sufficient space , and what funding source will be covering your expenses.

Read The Continuity Of Peirces Thought Vanderbilt Library Of American Philosophy

Burks Michigan, Thomas C. Cook Wisconsin, , , , Perry Crawford Jr.

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New York, Naomi Cumming Australia, Freitas Brazil, Susan Haack Florida, Peter H. Oppenheim Ohio, Kazuhiko Ota Japan, Dyer , stresses that Peirce's seminal contributions to epistemology found their way into Veblen's preference for reasoning by "induction" over "deduction.

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In addition, Robert Griffen explores what initially was a short term contact between Peirce and Veblen at Johns Hopkins University in a contact that would yield long term influences on Veblen's thinking. However, Griffen's detailed account of Peirce's influence on Veblen--like Dyer's--remains limited mostly to questions of epistemology, namely what Veblen's borrowed from Peirce regarding theory of knowledge and scientific method.

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What Dyer and Griffen fail to emphasize--and what we seek to establish in this inquiry--is what we suggest is Veblen's most important and enduring contribution to economic science. Namely, Veblen sought to lead economic science away from its foundation in Newtonian mechanics, recasting economics as an evolutionary science.

And in these efforts, Veblen appears fully indebted to Peirce's contribution to American philosophical thinking, as Veblen relies on concepts advanced by Peirce for developing his understanding of "cumulative causation," and other notions related to processes and changes rooted in continuity and continuousness.

Charles Peirce devoted his creativity and brilliance toward engaging in numerous areas of inquiry: ranging from geology, to chemistry, to semiotics, to logic, as well as other areas. However, political economy and economic science remained beyond the scope of Peirce's inquiries. Veblen's ranges of interests were indeed broad--in the tradition of Peirce.

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Veblen's interests ranged--from war and peace to questions of epistemology and even the state of American higher education. Unlike Peirce, Veblen tended to concentrate on and devote the largest portion of his writings to topics related to economic science. Peirce devoted a portion of his broad inquiry into realms of knowledge toward understanding "continuity" and "continuousness.

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