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At present, industry buy-in with regard to these qualifications is patchy.


This remains in place as the accredited and internationally recognised certification scheme for a range of welding and welding related personnel see Table 5. CSWIP provides an independent verification of knowledge and competence for specified tasks and is therefore valuable in demonstrating compliance with EN As the recognised UK body for the Engineering profession the Engineering Council offers three levels of registration for engineers and technicians: Chartered Engineer, Incorporated Engineer and Engineering Technician.

These are not specific to any particular field of engineering; they provide a generic mark of achievement in engineering education and competence which is recognised widely throughout the world and is valuable to employers and employees. A new 'International Register of Professional Engineers' is also available to Chartered Engineers with several years experience at senior management level.

The Welding Institute. This membership also provides an indication of the engineering field in which the member has demonstrated training and job responsibility at the appropriate level. The classes of membership are shown in Table 6. More details can be found in Reference [9].

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Membership and therefore the qualification remains valid for the life of the member providing the annual membership fee is paid. There are differences between qualifications that are derived from membership of a Professional Institution and the certification schemes described above. In the former case, the knowledge and competence requirements are more flexible and depend on the specific work experience of the individual. With certification, candidates have to satisfy specific knowledge and competence criteria. Furthermore, the requirement for continuing professional development is more explicit in the certification schemes.

The policy of TWI has always been to integrate the national and international schemes as much as possible. Table 7 attempts to show this integration. Routes 1 and 2 are now fully defined and in place. Route 3 shows where the new NVQ Level 4 in Welding Engineering would fit if taken alone but this qualification could also be achieved as part of Route 1 or Route 2. At the Technician level, Routes 4 to 6 the precise route will depend on the initial education or qualification. This qualification could also be achieved as part of Route 4 or 5.

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Route 7, leading to Senior Associate of The Welding Institute requires significant welding related career progression for those without formal academic qualifications. Route 9 is the most complicated and frequently changes. Individuals seeking to follow one of the results should seek advice before proceeding. Competence of personnel with welding responsibilities is a major issue in these standards. The European and International qualification schemes described in this article provide objective evidence of an individual's technical knowledge which is widely recognised throughout the world and, in the case of EWF qualifications, is directly linked to EN The qualifications are therefore a powerful asset to professionals in welding, and their employers.

The EWF certification scheme for job competence provides an even more convincing way of demonstrating compliance with EN There are continual improvement activities in all the schemes which are designed to ensure that industry can continue to have confidence in them in the long term. Support for SMEs. Software Products. Go to Technical knowledge Search. Login Login. Members' Portal. National and international qualifications for welding personnel May Introduction Much has happened over the last 20 years in the field of international harmonisation of training and qualification schemes for welding personnel.

Competence in welding In a previous article [1] , the role of EN [2] and EN [3] was described, including the scope of welding and welding related tasks which are required, by EN , to be under competent control, see Table 1.

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For some courses, distance learning options are available. European certification scheme This scheme tackles the disadvantages of the qualification scheme, mentioned above.

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Concluding remarks The policy of TWI has always been to integrate the national and international schemes as much as possible. Upon successful completion of the pre-employment program, students who meet the apprenticeship requirements for the trade are eligible to write the first period apprenticeship exam. This program prepares students to use industry procedures for entry level assembly, maintenance, repairs, and restoration of motorcycles and multi-wheeled lightweight all-terrain vehicles.

Back to Top. Related Links. Agricultural and Heavy Equipment Certificate If you want to get your hands on the newest and largest industry equipment in service come to Olds College. Length of Program: 1 Year. Delivery: Blended or On Campus. Program Intakes: Various. Delivery: On-Campus.

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Length of Program: 12 Weeks. Agricultural Equipment Technician Apprenticeship Combine a rural lifestyle with a technically challenging career working across all the latest agricultural machinery such as GPS precision farming. Program Intakes: Dates Vary. Delivery: Olds Campus.

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Heavy Equipment Technician Apprenticeship This program allows you to work with both on and off road equipment, from heavy transport haulers to excavators. Welder Apprenticeship Welders fabricate and repair in the steel industry and will have the opportunity to work in a shop environment or in remote locations operating a welding rig. Pre-Employment Programs.

Heavy Equipment Technician Pre-Employment Heavy Equipment Technicians typically repair and overhaul engines, mechanical and powershift transmissions, hydraulics, and basic electrical systems on mobile and stationary equipment. Motorcycle Mechanic Pre-Employment Motorcycle enthusiasts have a true passion for the open road and for ensuring their bikes are performing at a top-notch level. Program Intake: January. Welder Pre-Employment Whether you are looking at entering the workforce, performing basic welding tasks, or creating works of art, this is the place to start!

Welders join or sever metals in beams, girders, vessels, piping and other metal components, make metal parts used in construction and manufacturing plants, and weld parts, tools, machines and equipment.