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Working With XML

Are you using grep styles? Each character style is the style of a tag. The paragraph style uses each character style as grep styles. My only problem so far is I need to apply the paragraph style to the imported text every time I import new text, as if the imported text does not inherit the style already applied in the textbox. FYI, a grep style uses a regular expressions to qualify portions of the text that need to be applied the given character style. Not using grep styles.

InDesign: How to create tables with XML - tutorial

I fixed it by correctly introducing newlines in the xml document. It works when you give every tag and content it's own line. You want to map tags to styles: Then we you place xml into the layout the nodes content should be styles accordingly.

Adobe's InDesign and XML

Loic Loic 2, 7 7 silver badges 12 12 bronze badges. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Close your open InDesign file and open the template we just created.

Create XML from InDesign

Now we need to bring in the data. Choose the same options as above. What is really cool is that all the data is copied over, including all the non-tags or any icons you might have put into the template. In this case, the labels for each tag show before the tags for each node in the XML file.

XML import and layout methods

You did it! Each node shows up with the correct label and style from the template we defined.